Excellent ways of advertising!

This is a great article on novel ways of advertising (some are too weird!) in Tokyo train stations, makes a very interesting read!

Publish to Blogger Beta

I have been searching for a blog editor which publishes the formatted content to blogger beta. I understand, due to new protocol implemented by Blogger beta, publishing API is different as compared to Blogger. Many sites (Including Google's "documents and spreadsheets") which allow publishing to Blogger and other blog sites, do not have support for Blogger beta.

Writer from Microsoft, which is a desktop application has a feature to publish to Blogger Beta. So far this is the only tool I have ever seen that supports Blogger Beta. Never tried it but will try as soon as possible and post the comments here!

Documentum articles in codeproject

While looking at the code project site, I saw these two documentum articles written by the same author. The articles are about important documentum concepts and i guess at least the screenshots provided in the articles will prove to be useful to get an idea about the concepts. Here are the links:
1. Steps to create and use ACL on Documentum Content server
2. Steps to create and install SBO on Documentum Content server

Both the articles are unedited reader contributions, so not sure if the articles remain in the site. I did a search on the word documentum in code project and found 5 articles all by the same author. some of these articles are rated low (1.00) may be because of poor presentation, but I'm sure they are at least useful for quick reference or to just get an idea.


These are the 3 URLs that were interesting to me while looking at popurls today.
1. Flash Earth: Similar to Google earth but in flash.
2. Common Writing Mistakes: Also talks about the writing style.
3. Online picture resize: Seems to be a cool tool, never tried it.

documentum questions..

This is in continuation with my earlier post (Documentum bits), decided to make it a new post as this will have questions that I came across yesterday.
1. How is interface inheritance important while writing DFC code in VC++ or VB?

2. What are the advantages of operations package?
(A: 1. operations package gives one way of invoking any kind of operation which is easier for the developer to code.
2. operations package makes it possible to invoke the operation on multiple objects)

3. What is the object hierarchy in content server? (A: Persitant object is the root in content server not typed object. Typedobject is a DFC class)

4. What are the extra things that are available in sysobject when compared to dm_document?

Documentum bits...

* Role and a Group: A Role is a special kind of group which can be used for applications. Where as a group can only be used for objects. Consumer, contributor, co-ordinator are the roles applied by Webtop as a client capability.

* DQL Queries:
To get the document from a particular folder...
select * from dm_document where FOLDER('pravar')

To query for a repeating attribute...
select * from dm_document where any (r_attr = 'hello');

To get all the versions of a document...
select * from dm_document(ALL)

* Workflow components:
Activity Instances

* There are two types of ACLs: user ACL and system ACLs. ACLs can be created with desktop client.