Easy way: Schedule to shutdown your XP machine.

Yesterday night I have started to download iPod software and its estimated to complete in 30 min. It was late night and I didn't want to wait just for download to complete. I therefore searched for way where I can shutdown y machine automatically after 1 hour. I learnt that the Scheduler wizard cant handle auto shutdown so searched for other alternatives and found this one which works like a charm for me on Windows XP SP2 machine with administrator privileges:

1. open command prompt and type tsshutdn < /powerdown. For Example, tsshutdn 1800 /powerdown will shutdown the machine after 30 min.

For more information about tsshutdn and its other options, refer to MSDN documentation.

Face recognition and other sites

This is the site i found which recognizes the faces in the photograph and compares them with the celebrity list.
imagechef lets you create customized images and send it to people
secretchest- post your secrets and get secret advice!
mozy - 2 GB of 100% free backup space. Download and install Mozy to ensure your data is safely backed up at a secure, remote location.

Interview questions

1. Convert an integer of any radix (between 2 & 16 inclusive) to a character string
2&3. Reverse a linked list (recursive and non-recursive)
4. Validate a string with () and []s (nesting should be proper)

Took me 2.5 hours to write these 4 programs in C!

Want to play?

Finally this blog is going to become a place to hold a bunch of links i stumble across during the day!

This game ate a lot of my time, its interesting, simple but powerful! My highest of 19.488 seconds.

Worldmapper shows world maps with different perspective. Worldmapper is a collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest.

Need 25GB Web Space?

Here is a site which offers 25GB space to upload all your files! MediaMax allows the users to have a private area to store music, documents and others. The best feature is it allows to mail the stored files as attachments or expirable links to attachments. However there are limits: Download or share 1GB/month; Send files up to 25 MB in size.

Everything about binary trees

This site has solutions (source code) for problems involving Binary trees. It contains source code in C as well as Java. All the solutions are recursive solutions.

Binary trees are recursive data structures, any operations on the binary trees (traversals, finding depths, search,printing) can be done recursively.

non recursive solutions for a binary tree are much complicated. Pre-order traversal of binary tree can be done easily without using the recursion (using stacks), but post-order and in-order are complicated. post-order and in-order non-recursive traversals require an additional element (visited) added to the binary tree data structure.

New links

Cutest Baby Animals
Online collaboration with chat and drawing tools (Will need to register, connection drops every few min of inactivity, hope it will be fixed)
dropboks (Will need simple registration, cool for sharing small files)
mypictr (crop your photo as per the websites size spec. didn't see orkut or yahoo, hoping to see that soon)

These are the notes that I have taken while reading a lot of technical books. The below text is straight from my notes and is not in any particular sequence:

1. MFC maps are dictionaries with key and value pairs
2. CDocTemplate = Docs + Views + FrameWindows
3. Activation is finding class objects, there are three ways of activation:
1. Object Binding - CoGetClassObject
2. Creating an instance of the class - CoCreateInstance
3. Getting the persistant object - CoGetInstanceFromFile
Activation also means finding class objects, loading the COM DLL, and starting the Server process.

There are two types of Activation:
1. In-process activation
2. Out-of-process activation

4. IClassFactory will have createInstance() and LockServer() methods
5. CoCreateInstanceEx = CoGetClassObject() + CreateInstance() + Release()
6. A Moniker is a locator object which finds/creates objects. A Display name is the textual representation of a moniker.

7. Inner class method calling:


8. AddRef() -> InterlockedIncrement()

Release() -> InterlockedDecrement()

9. Aggregation is a technique of exposing a binary subcomponent to a client

10. IUnknown is the most inportant interface in COM. All interfaces should be derived from IUnknown. It has three methods:

1. QueryInterface()

2. AddRef()

3. Release()

11. Containment: Outer object just forwards the call to the inner object.

12. Function pointer: Its an address of the entry point of the function

int (*funcCompare)(const char *, const char *)

funcCompare = strcmp; //assign to another function

(*funcCompare)("hello","hell"); //calling

13. argc and argv: int main(int argc, char* argv[]);

14. structures and unions: members of union share same memory location.

15. strutures and classes: by default members of structure are public and that of class are private.

16. typedef float balance: balance can be used interchangeably with float.

17. friend functions are for access to private and protected members of the class.

New links..

Three links that I think are useful, which I found from popurls.com:

1. Online File Conversion
2. Online calculation, better than Excel and Calc.exe!
3. Logomaker, make your own logos!

New links..

Two links that I think are useful, which I found from popurls.com:

1. Online File Conversion
2. Online calculation, better than Excel and Calc.exe!
3. Logomaker, make yor own logos!