How to move the thunderbird mails to Outlook

I have written a post earlier to do this, I found a new way to do it. This way is better if you have few emails to be transferred from Thunderbird to Outlook. Again, this is not a direct way and is not straightforward. Here are the steps:

1. Open Thunderbird
2. Select all the mails to be transferred
3. Right-click and select "Forward all mails" (or something like that)
4. A new mail window opens with all the selected mails as attachment
5. Send this mail to your own account (Thats why this method is not good to transfer heavy mails!)
6. Open outlook and check mail, dran-and-drop the attached mails to your desktop
7. Drag-and-drop the attached mails from your desktop to Outlook folder.

Done! Take care while moving the mails, better to take a backup.